Hello from a cold and rainy Cape Town!

I have been in my placement site for nearly two weeks now. I have learned more than I could ever explain- about South Africa, politics, culture, religion, people, what it means to be hospitable, and mostly about myself. But I love lists and short blog posts, so here are the top 10 lessons I have learned since my arrival in Cape Town!

1. Nothing good will ever happen if you don’t leave your room.

2. Sarcasm does not come across language barriers.

3. Anytime is a good time for tea time. Similarly, there is no such thing as too much hot tea.

4. Clean laundry is an unspeakable luxury that should never be taken for granted.

5. Some of life’s best pleasures are universal, like food, laughter, sleep, and music.

6. If you’re afraid to sound like an idiot, you’ll never learn to speak a new language.

7. Your parents were probably right about what you should pack. Unfortunately, it seems your parents are always right….

8. Patience is a muscle. Exercise it often, so it will be big and strong when you need it.

9. Never assume you know what tomorrow will bring. Actually, never assume you know what the next five minutes will bring.

10. Always graciously accept free food, warm clothes, and good conversation.


I can’t wait to see what else I learn, and to share more lessons with you!