As I journey through my YAGM year, I draw strength and solace from the words of others. I have lists of quotes from all sorts of sources. Some are full of joy, some are full of humor, some are full of exasperation, and some give me hope. I plan to share especially poignant quotes with you throughout my time in Cape Town. Today, I lean on the following quote from A.J. Cronin.

“Life is no straight and easy corridor along

which we travel free and unhampered,

but a maze of passages,

through which we must seek our way,

lost and confused, now and again

checked in a blind alley.


But always, if we have faith,

a door will open for us,

not perhaps one that we ourselves

would have ever thought of,

but one that will ultimately

prove good for us.”

Today, I pray that we can all have a little faith, seek a little adventure, and remember to help each other through the maze of life.