I’m trying something new for my blog! In order to let you follow my life, I wrote a “tweet” for each day in March. If you don’t know what a tweet is, google it, and welcome to the 21st century of social media immersion. Below is a snapshot of each day last month, in 140 characters or less, with hashtags to indicate location, tags to indicate people, etc. 

1: SPOTTED IN BELLVILLE: Lawn bowling. It’s a real sport. #youlearnsomethingneweveryday

2: Attempting to sing in church choir… in Afrikaans… thank God for grace and forgiveness, right?

3: I learned to knit!  Who wants a shoddily made scarf?! #grandmaintraining

4: Sewing machine:4 Abby:0 #sewingclass #grandmaintraining

5: Attended an incredibly beautiful #AshWednesday service in Delft. “For you are dust, and to dust you shall return”

6: I’ll never get over the gorgeous #CapeTown clouds! #naturelover

7: No such thing as a dull moment in @HuisErichLeistner! #home #collegestudentsarecraycray

8: On a bus from #CapeTown to #Joburg, next to a dude in a Lakers hat. What are the chances? #IhatetheLakers #BeatLA #Sunsfan #IhatetheLakers

9: Nothing in this world like a hug from your best friend! @RachelSwenson #loveher #Vryheid

10: Rainy day full of simple life adventures in #Vryheid! Plus, plenty of snuggles from some sweet kiddos.

11: Baking chocolate cupcakes for Rachel’s family of 16 is my new favorite hobby. Especially with my lil helpers! #Vryheid

12: As good as I am at sleeping on buses, I really prefer a bed… #travel #translux

13: So many sweet reunions in such a gorgeous location! #YAGMSA #Retreat #WoodyCape

14: Beach+ Hammocks+ Pool+ Veggies+ Braai+ Great company= Best Free Day EVER! #YAGMSA #WoodyCape

15: Deep convos followed by hiking the largest sand dune field in the Southern Hemisphere followed by sunset on the beach. #WoodyCape #YAGMSA

16: Gave my first ever sermon today! Then hung out with a family of monkeys in the woods. #Sabbath #WoodyCape #YAGMSA

17: Sunrise over the ocean, sunset over the South African bush. This country fills my heart and my dreams. #WoodyCape #Addo #YAGMSA

18: Saw a herd of over 50 elephants in the wild! AND saw a mongoose. #Addo #naturelover #YAGMSA

19: I am blessed to have hard goodbyes. Only 4 months until all 14 are reunited! #YAGMSA

20: Hammocks, values, gifts, stories, laughter, tears, spiritual practices, vocational breakthroughs, and good food. #miniretreat #IloveJon

21: Grahamstown is prettttty awesome, as are @ElleJanss and @RachelSwenson! #YAGMSA #headedhome

22: Watching the first rays of sunlight hit Table Mountain after two weeks away feels like magic. Home sweet home! #CapeTown

23: Used tsotsis and immigration policy in my Sunday School lesson! #winning #applicabletoCapeTown

24: So excited to be back at work! And what a good feeling it is to love my job!

25: The best part of sewing class is the wonderful women who cheer me on, even though I keep breaking needles. #grandmaintraining

26: Three hours of sketching and coloring in our #AwakenYourCreativity class! #MylifeisPinterest

27: Celebrating Monique’s birthday by having a great lunch with my favorite #WOWGirlz!

28: There is no better way to spend a Friday than with my Cape Town Momma in my first home in South Africa! #Athlone

29: I HIKED TABLE MOUNTAIN! Thanks @JoeTurner and family for going with me! #Champion #Boom #Fit&Fabulous

30: Three hours of Skype with @KevinBeebe is a perfect way to spend a Sunday. So. Much. Laughter. #YAGMlove

31: Mondays are not so bad when you spend the day doing crafts with middle school girls and your fantastic coworkers. In fact, #IloveMondays


Let me know what you think of this new blog! If you like it, expect another for April!